Again, however, Waters is solid on the bass and very loud. Donald “Duck” Dunn should be in the top ten. A great song writer, singer, and bass player. Ray Shulman from Gentle Giant? Nathaniel Phillips, Doug Wimbish. rocco prestia,ralphe Armstrong,will lee……..where are they? Without a doubt John Entwisel! But since you had to go & sprinkle other styles in there anda session guylike Sklar (who is too low), then where the heck are Edgar Meyer? That Guy could barely sing and couldn’t play a bassguitar at all…, Gary Willis, Rocco Prestia, Federico Malaman, Hadrien Feraud, Henrik Linder, Sharay Reed, Matthew Garrison, Alain Caron, Steve Bailey, Victor Bailey, Tom Kennedy, Felix Pastorius, Anthony Jackson, Damian Erskine, Tetsuo Sakurai etc…. Thanks for the Overend “Pete” Watts shout out! show me bass players that want to emulate Entwistle.. = none Absolutely! Oh and Primus Sucks! I believe that the number 2 choice, however should have been Jack Bruce. What about Randy Jackson, Skeet Curtis Bill Dickens. their are so many artists you have not heard of and it shows by not including them. I see Carol Kaye, Duck, and James Jamerson but didn’t see David Hood’s name, seems like an oversight to me. For Sale: Bass Guitar Strings and Accessories, The TB Bazaar: Gear For Sale from our Sponsors, For Sale: Double Bass Amps, Strings & Accessories, Wanted: Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories, Wanted: Double Basses, Amps & Accessories, Guild Starfire Semi-Hollow Electric Bass, Indian Rosewood Fingerboard-Cherry Red | eBay, (You must log in or sign up to reply here.). However, what about Dennis Dunaway? Just listen to Rio. And to have Jaco Pastorius as #1 is plain silly. So many of our favorites are not shown. Don’t shoot the messenger! One thing most of these players, especially many in the top ten have in common is they don’t stay bound to what some fans and musicians think bassists should do. during a revival of the fifties and sixties. Where’s Eberhard Weber? He plays bass like no other. Francis Rocco Prestia from Tower of Power I love that style! Half of these musicians I’ve never heard play so I’m no expert but I think Graham Maby should be on this list and Bob Babbit too! Folks, Its spelled Casady. You forgot Jeff Adams from “Starship Starring Mickey Thomas”!! Carol Kaye is an unsung bassist, & like you say Jack Bruce is a multi-instrumentalist, classically trained. I didn’t see Bunny Brunel, or Jeff Berlin. Despite his overlooked status, Pastorius regularly introduced himself as the greatest electric bass player in the world, and we’re not going to argue. You can’t compare Nathan East to John Entwistle or Paul McCartney but you can to Jaco Pastorius, where is Glen Cornick…base player Jethro Tull recently passed away .. Rest in piece cd Glen, What.. No Mention of the Bong rattlin’ bass of Mel Shacher (GFR)? Phil Lynott was way better than Harris and Burton…, And however much I lika Lemmy – he’s NOT top 50 on this list in my opinion… but he was the no. There was no other rock bass player doing what McCartney was doing at the time. It’s nice to see someone else appreciate Cetera. See more ideas about phil lesh and friends, greatful dead, grateful dead. This list does not include Prince and is therefore complete garbage, no Steve Harris on the list, what A shitfull list. Notice much lower on the list you have some very professionally oriented bassists like Mike Rutherford, not to speak of Pino Palladino a little higher up, buried, and very distinct, enjoyable bassists like Tina Weymouth as well. She is very high on my list as well. As the frontman and bassist in Primus, Claypool is responsible for bringing the groove to thrash metal and alt.rock with his infamous Rainbow bass and forming more side projects than humanly possible, most notably with Police drummer Stewart Copeland and Phish frontman Trey Anastasio for the supergroup Oysterhead. Paul McCartney in the top rungs-NAH! Willie Dixon at #37? 6.) Or stalwarts if you prefer. Ron Carter – Jazz great. Required fields are marked *. Female bassists stopped being pigeonholed as a novelty the minute she picked up the instrument. Paul was actually a better guitarist than John, but John had a brand new Rickenbacker and he was the leader at that point, so Paul went to bass duty. Also I would put Bill Black in second place. Tommy Shannon is not to shabby either. Liquid Blue … Where’s Les Claypool from Primus and Mushroom Head?!!! In 2002, Lesh rejoined the band, and Hornsby left. No list as short as 50 is going to include people that others think were left out that should have been included. Same with Jack Casady and Ron Carter. If you are, she definitely needs to be added. No Pat Sullivan. Both are Bay Area rocks. And James Dewar. No such list is ever going to please everyone, and yours is no exception: for Honorable Mention, I’d like to nominate Moby Grapes’ Bob Mosely … Lee Sklar … Ross Valory … The Gin Blossoms’ Bill Leen … John Deacon … Chas Chandler … Rick Huxley … and John McVie (I’ll never forget browsing a record store in Seattle in the early 80’s and the sound system started playing “Rhiannon” … first came ten seconds of intro … then Mick and John joined in, heralded by John’s powerful and lilting bass line. Francis Rocco Prestia Jr. “The Legendary Sixteenth Note Groove Master” (March 7, 1951 – September 29, 2020) Rocco Prestia, American Bass Player Bob Mosely (Moby Grape) This List sucks.. To your argument, any list excluding John McVie, in my opinion, is not valid. pretty clumsy list.. you have got to be kidding..McCartney ?? You will have to wait a long time before the next one comes around. FELIX PAPPALARDI you haven’t heard true music. John Paul Jones better than JACK BRUCE — my ass. Why would anybody, much less, any bass player exclude or forget to include Robert Gordon of Gil Scott-Heron’s Band or evan other expanding “firsts” type players, such as Dave Pegg or any of the Progressive Rock Gentle Giant Bass Players i.e. Weymouth is pretty funky. Also no Mick Karn, John Taylor,Mark King or Herbie Flowers. i think some ppl have no idea what Steve doing in IRON MAIDEN ) hes not only bassist hes a poet ) 80% of maiden lyric made by steve ) assholes ! See the bass intro to ‘My Baby Left Me’ as irrefutable proof. Give me a break !!!!! Victor Wooten is arguably the most technically accomplished of any living bass player on this list. I consider him to be severely over looked! We all have our favorites, and we know this isn’t a scientific ranking- just a poll of polls. Few bands had a Bass player as the integral string melody. He invented the Bootsy style of playing bass! idiot list 2. Where the hell is Andy Fraser from Free ?? I remember thinking when I first saw the Talking Heads that she was lucky to have friends who cared enough to be patient with her boring lines. Just sayin…. Glenn Cornick That type of playing is typical throughout the concert. So what did Ray Charles have in common with Frank Zappa? ……….and how about MOE’s Rob Derhak ……….? I saw them both in concert three times and never was less than amazed! Phil Lesh And Friends ‎– Live At The Warfield Label: Relix Records ‎– 88697006719, Image Entertainment ‎– 88697006719 Bogus. How can you have Roger Glover and no Glenn Hughes? $23.95 $ 23. It doesnt matter if i like these two guys or not. Jazz bassist. Charlie Mingus was the greatest ever,next me of course!! The late DEE MURRAY??!!! JP Jones was not a great bassist! An unforgettable sight, and a sweet memory 40-some years later). He was also the bass player on Jimi’s famous Voodoo Chile recording. No Jack Casady? WTF? Fantastic Bass player… not even mentioned, Milt Hinton was known to his peers and many descendants as “The Dean of Jazz Bassists.”, You can always nit-pick with a list like this, and this one is not bad, but Israel “Cachao” Lopez was also a huge influence on other musicians in many genres and seems like a major omission. He got kicked off the guitar because he sucked, and the bass was the only other instrument he had to stay with the band. They’d blow about 80% of the guys on this list right off stage! McCartney is the best. I would also have expected Darryl Jones to be in there too. Any list of bass players without Adam Clayton on it is at best incomplete but more likely an abomination. #19…an insult. Maybe someone’s already said it but Keith Richards played the bass on sympathy for the devil ~ the sample song for Bill Wyman. Norman is probably in a league above this one! Sir Paul was probably my most influential teacher. In honor of Phil Lesh's 80th birthday on Sunday, we present an expanded version of Dave Schools’ conversation with Phil from our February-March 2009 never even heard of these other bloks ……. Verdine White is not only ‘The Best and BADEST Bass Player’ he is also a the ‘CONSUMMATE ENTERTAINER’. Where is jean jacques burnel? I know it’s been mentioned before, but how can you leave Felix Pappalardi off this list? Casady, Geddy Lee, the guy from Van Halen…meh! I am glad to see Phil Lesh up there. Fat, heavy riffs that drove the rhythm with no pretentiousness. Love the John McVie/Mick Fleetwood axis. No Abraham Laboriel are you serious???!!!??? Short THUMPS on all the right places.Talk about understated bass. I had to check my calendar. They rarely get anything right. Self taught genius! Carol Kaye and James Jamerson and Joe Osborn (not even on the list) should be top ten, if you don’t know who they are you know ‘nothing’ about great Bass players. There are sooooo many good ones, and each one has their gifts: Michael Anthony, Flea, Bill Leen of the Gin Blossoms, John Lodge, Fran Sheehan, Ross Valory, Geddy Lee. I think there music was much better than Paul’s CRAP after they broke up too. What about Greg Lake? Phil Lesh & Friends (click here to see two-day-in-review reviews) 14:50:01 08/25/99 Wed Two Views of a Secret, Part II: Phil Lesh and Friends, 8/21/99 Phil Lesh bass, vox Steve Kimock, guitars Al Schneir guitar, vox Michael Kang violin, electric mandolin, vox Kyle … Alex Webster-Cannibal Corpse Flea Rick Danko from The Band and Bob Dylan needs to be on the list. Come on. Also no mention of Mick Karn (RIP) hugely talented fretless bass virtuoso who was also better than the vast majority on the list. They would totally shred many of the rock players listed. You forgot Percy Jones, Ray Shulman, John Wetton, Greg Lake, David Pegg, Miroslave Vitous, Al Johnson, Michael Henderson, Dave Holland, Randy Jo Hobbs, Ralphe Armstrong, Jonas Helborg, John Lodge, and Glen Cornick … in fact, this list is devoid of a host of bassists that made HUGE contributions to 70’s Progressive Rock and Jazz Rock. Steve on 7st position and McCartney on 5? Felix Pappalardi-Mountain. It’s ridiculous to say that one guy is better than another if he’s expressing himself though the art of music. hey all you guys Tommy Shannon is the greatest! But check out his wah-wah extravaganza on the deep track ‘On The Silent Wings Of Freedom’ for one of prog rock’s great kick-it-out moments. show me bass players that want to emulate Jack Bruce = everyone. And Yes, Chris Squire too! No one can touch him. Andy Fraser – Free – He had Funk, before there was Funk!!!! Greg Ridley’s Spooky Tooth contributions all appreciated. agree agree agree,overlooked always,where have these experts been living? Oteil Burbridge definitey belongs in the top 5 if not #1 and he is not even listed. Peter Cetera (chicago), John Taylor (duran duran) & David Brown (santana) should be on the list ! Let’s be honnets, they didn’t step out specilally because of their bass playing, they were all singers-songwritters in famous bands…. Millions to say about all others. Missing Felix Pappalardi, Stu Hamm, Tal Wilkenfeld and Jack Cassidy. CHECK OUT HIS FB PAGE AND LIKE IT……,, I’m amazed at the lack of knowledge regarding Paul McCartney’s innovative and pioneering bass playing. Bet if you asked any of the guys you mention, he’s Top Ten. I agree Chris Squire should be at least top 5!!! If you are going to have Jazz Musicians on a list like this, you have to put them all at the top of the list. Tal Winkenfeld , one of the few female bassist in the world, born 1986. This is not an objective list. You’ve included a lot of names that are often overlooked. We stopped educating out kids on music diversity a long time ago. When U2 first started he didn’t know what he was doing, he was just good at acting like he did. And yet he struggles to hold down a place in the mid reaches! I have a couple more but as you suggest i guess they are not in the same ball park with the ones that have been listed above, but the bands that they were i consider legendary if not for their bass playing we have Free, Robin Trower, & Grand Funk, Andy Fraser & James Dewar & Mel Schacher. She’s the luckiest girl in the world. And where is JACK CASSIDY? Thank you for your support! Having recently stepped out of the purely jazz world, the singer and bassist has moved into a pop/R&B/progressive realm of her own devising. I’m sorry, but any Top 50 list of bass players that has Flea in the top 3 has absolutely ZERO credibility!! Where is the late great Mick Karn ? I know this is just me being picky, but I would put Claypool number 2, his creativity and mastery of all things bass make it simple. Steven Santos from Lurid Jester? The late,great, Peter Mars Cowling, Dieter Horns{Lucifers Friend}, Greg Lake, Dave Myles{Max Webster}, Martin Turner{Wishbone Ash},Charlie Tumahai{Be Bop Deluxe},Kasim Sultan{Utopia}, Doni Harvey,Jerome Rimson{Automatic Man}, Steve Fossen{Heart}, John McVie {Fleetwood Mac}, Steve Priest{Sweet}. Dave Pegg from Fairport Convention / Jethro Tull. what kind of list is this???!! I suppose it’s down to personal taste….i don’t think that you can say one is better than the other…..musical taste,style and whatever. It is too bad she let herself go. While you’re reading, listen to our Best Bass Guitar Riffs playlist here. True! Perpetually overlooked in Genesis, Mike Rutherford came up with one of prog’s most lyrical basslines on ‘In That Quiet Earth’, from their Wind & Wuthering album. One of the best is not mentioned : JOHN MYUNG from Dream Theater is a virtuoso ! Pete Quaife of The Kinks should be there, as should John McVie of Fleetwood Mac. Get real. This listis about half right. Composes of list just have no ears! Very emotional bass lines as well, and an innovator. Really? No Martin Turner for a start. Couldn’t agree more about John Entwistle’s placement. Quadrophenia nothing else needs to be said. Really no Mick Karn. No Percy Jones, Ray Shulman or John Wetton???? Geddy Lee. Still on the jazz side, I’ve heard Milt Hinton do acoustic slap bass like none on the electric side. ), Eric Avery (Jane’s Addiction), Chuck Rainey (did some great work with Steely Dan), Colin Moulding (XTC) and Pete Quaife (The Kinks) to name but a few? Look her up on YouTube. List by popularity or talent I’m not sure. ), or John Myung and Stu Hamm, who have been overlooked ENTIRELY. These will SURELY be the true greats- So Geddy Lee, Mark King, Phil Lynnot(the late) etc will come out tops,while Paul McCartney can find some consolation being way down in this list(included because of his fabulous singing and voice only). Alex Webster-Cannibal Corpse Check him out. wheres Randy Coven? A big smile on my face with 30/40-ies geniuses like Basie’s Walter Page and Ellington’s Jimmy Blanton (+ 1942) mentioned here. Where are James Jameson and Bob Babbit? He also had productive stays with Keith Jarrett and Pat Metheny, and played selectively on rock sessions, including the closing track ‘Ramshackle’ on Beck’s Odelay. world underestimates what iron maiden made ! Seeing a lot of those names on the list and names in the comments brought back many good memories. Geddy Lee is the best bassist on earth, so yes, seriously. John McVie He should had been top ten , play strong go back and listen How can anyone leave JOE OSBORN of the Wrecking Crew off the list.Carol Kaye was better known, and deservedly so, but Osborn was right up there with her and played on 100’s of top pop hits, and 33 #1 hits in the Country field. No list is complete without the mighty Danny Thompson (Pentangle, Richard Thompson)… I’d add Paul Chambers, Jimmy Garrison, and Roger Glover, to name a few. This gorgeous Phil Lesh Alembic Miniature Bass has the finest details and highest quality you will find anywhere! this is not a list of the greatest bass players without JACK CASSIDY!!!! Victor IS great, but he certainly is NOT better than Sheehan, Myung, or Hamm…. 39: Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead) Grateful Dead’s bassist always sounded exactly like what he was: an experimental composer who learned bass for the sake of joining a rock band.

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