Then you will be able to run : php bin/console make:entity After that, Veronica talked to me, we had a nice discussion about what she should do next, left the bunker, and... nothing. can someone help me? In Unix or Linux, it may be "%" or ">" depending on the shell.Unlike a GUI (graphical user … Keep in mind, X is modified by percentage here. Just flat out can't speak to 'em. Offline gomeow. I started it late in the game and now when I walk in with her to talk to the elder after it was the quest was triggered she walks up all slow like and everyone just stops there in an awkward silence? No Paladins trying to stop us, no speech challenge, no quest updates. Open the command console again and input the following: Talk to Veronica again. Thank you thank you thank you, this worked beautifully. I've heard inputting the command pre-CC will just reset it. Nick Barry, 3 February 2011, Can this quest be started at all if you kill the Brotherhood beforehand?-- 17:04, November 6, 2010 (UTC). I don't know about anyone else, but in my game, if you tell Veronica it's her choice to stay or go, the game will freeze on a black screen when you try to leave level 2 of the bunker. I've been able to get the triggers, and Veronica has asked me to take her back to Hidden Valley. I just stood behind her and kept walking pushing her closer and closer to Mc Namara until I had pushed her right up to the desk and the dialogue began. Telling her to wait does nothing...she still just walks away as if on patrol, or say a town resident. Sign in to Command. Quest started like a peach, thanks for this. What worked for me is the following console command, that resets the variable HowPlayerEntered in VDialogHiddenValley. Vampire and Werewolf Potions DG - Search it on Nexus If at any point you feel like you sick of being a vampire or werewolf and don't mind using the ingame console, create a text file with the following code "setstage 000eafd5 10" without the quotes. you are unable to choose farming technology option as the marker points to the pc and the data is already gone. nope Create an account or sign in to comment. The console command set "145f85".ngreetingpending to 1 will advance her companion quest dialog conversations. After using a console command, your only choice is to restart or load a save prior to using a command if you want to earn achievements. I saw some other possible workarounds/triggers (like talking to House), which I will try next, but this is beyond frustrating. I think I found a simpler way, based on what you discovered. This message appears when you do not run SFC scan in elevated mode. What happens is it crashes as soon as it gets to title screen. You can increase your stamina immediately with this command. Type the below codes in the console to activate them. I had a similar problem. Of course, it's not really much of an issue since you can just tell her to stay if you want that outcome--Darth Oblivion 17:16, August 4, 2011 (UTC). The objective is go to dev mode to be able to make an entity. Press ESC (or click on “Show console” in the bottom right corner) to slide the console up. I want to use the console to turn my character into a vampire right after the character creation process. Welcome to a brand new series covering all the basics of C#. I used this console command and I don't know how to fix my game from crashing. Supposedly using the addspell command with the vampirism disease code will infect you with it. 1. We are working on a solution to add these to the documentation in an automated way. Trouble with "I could make you care" quest. Went right back outside and the 4 Paladins appeared as normal; from that point on, the quest proceeded as normal. I Could make you care also ending without Veronica talking to the elder about the tech we found, the conversation with her starts up stating rather she should stay or leave. < > Showing 1-13 of 13 comments . --- The third one was the Nellis Museum trigger, but, Veronica only said it after i entered the Silver Rush. If it still does not work, like it was the case for me, you can try : php bin/console cache:clear. To put this in better prespective, here is a custom command I made. When I snatch Pearl's key from the filing cabinet, the quest doesn't advance and it still just says "Hey, dipship, find out about the pulse gun at Nellis Airforce Base." In the pip-boy, every objective for the quest is marked as complete, and Veronica doesn't seem to have anything to say. Am I correct? Since at the time the gun was of no use to me, I sold it somewhere. Since you already have one, you can't do the other parts. CSGO commands for game view. Irritated by what she sees as the Brotherhood’s unrealistic and uninformed views of themselves and the world, Veronica is a perpetual outsider caught between her loyalt… Veronica stops me afterwards and I make my choice and she says she needs to get out of Hidden Valley for a bit. Close the console. I've never had Veronica as a partner or even seen her for that matter. Thanks. From time to time people comment on my non-existent robot which is apparently floating invisibly nearby...especially the Fiends before I killed them all. I'd generally prefer it if they didn't die... 04:36, February 12, 2011 (UTC)J&. I have selected the quest and have the proper items, but they simply won't start talking to one another. Any help on this? 12:49, December 15, 2010 (UTC), -Xbox 360 Only (same problem in PS3)- Veronica will not talk to me near any of the triggers. Or you can use the console command unequipall but that will also deselect their weapon. Am I missing something? Quest won't update after picking up the Pulse Gun, Game crashes when trying to leave Hidden Valley after confronting McNamara (360) [FIXED], [FIX] Veronica & McNamara in staring contest, Quest wont continue because veronica wont talk to elder. If you’re using a MacOS or a specific type of keyboard, then you have to press fn at the same time as F3 and F8. I haven't tried progressing through it yet. When you talk to her for the third time, the quest will trigger.BSMaker 03:52, November 2, 2010 (UTC). 2)Shortly after ED-E pulled the vanishing act, around the time I had active BoS missions, Veronica must have taken a cue from ED-E...she wanders off on her own whenever I ask her to partner up. The message to be send if the command isn't used correctly. The second time you talk to her, you'll get the companion wheel as normal. a. This should start I Could Make You Care. After getting the pulse gun, the quest log said to return to the elder. I took her to the other quest triggers, but only two I hadn't done before (Listening to the Boomer's history and the Camp McCarran lobby) did the trick. Is there another way of working with the BoS after I've already gained entry with Veronica? I was having similar issues getting the trigger points to go as well, so I decided to forget it and move on with the rest of the Brotherhood quests, siding with McNamara at the end. First, you’ll need to make a new .txt file using whatever program floats your boat. Open the console and select the NPC first. Working with an HTML File. That will trigger one of her lines. But I never attempted to do the quest yet. But you can't have both at the same time, and once you cure lycanthropy, it's cured forever. I did this quest almost a year ago, so I don't remember the exact title it was something like "Causeless Rebel" reputation given which made me decide to remain "Idolized" rather than a mixed rep. Has anybody else had an altered rep. w/ the brotherhood after this quest? At Nelson, Cottonwood Cove, McCarran, with greeting prhase from doctor at McCarran. So, I take her home and enter the large office like room where McNamara sits, she walks up to the front of his desk, and they just stare at each other. HELP. ITEMLIST. The some of options used with rm command are.. rm command in Linux is used to delete files. Although it was strange that I had completed the BOS quest line already and sided with the elder and he had already agreed to open up the bunker, as Veronica wanted, yet in the conversation he has with her, he refuses. Smuff [The cake is a lie.] Also, I don't think the Vault 11 one works either, I did that with her and nothing happened. Please sign your posts with ~~~~! Note: I've managed to start the quest in an even simpler fashion. Votes? I ditched her again for Cass then rehired her again. I left with some death claws out of anger and now I'm wondering if there's any way to complete the BoS quests. I recieved this quest. Ok, so I'm trying to get Veronica to "upgrade" or whatever, but the quest won't start I don't believe. BUG*** This method was working for me up until I had to have Veronica talk to the Elder and then they'd just have a staring competition. As soon as I got it, the quest started. I got the Pulse gun, Rangefinder and data from vault 22 but when I come to Elder with Veronica I have no option how can i speak about that... I just went through console commands and had a look, heres how I quickly created a faction with italy and france (i am italy) open console, type these 2 commands. Did I do something wrong? yesman. I don't have an ETA on when that will happen though. Open the command console again and input the following: 5. Choose one of four Console Modes. Dmunsil 02:20, November 23, 2010 (UTC), I've been trying to find the detailed walkthrough for vaultt 34 do you know where to find it?--Fuzz 16:11, May 7, 2011 (UTC). I can't even find the tunnel I came though since it's at the bottom of the sea. Not only am I pissed that I CAN'T have a 2nd companion, but I never even got to see ED-E's new weapon upgrade before he went all Kerouac on me. 11:15, November 21, 2010 (UTC). Commands - Remove Command - game.Workspace. Some QC and further testing from the Devs would have been nice in an instance like this. it worked fine so thanks to all who have contributed solutions here.--Sativarg 13:01, November 4, 2011 (UTC). day 3, 14:43). How do you get past the door that needs a key after you go through the armory door? What effect does the choice of tech have? Again, the respawn via elevator trick did not work...while she DOES reappear after taking the elevator, she pulls the same crap and wanders off immediately afterward. == EDIT: Set Stamina: player.setav Stamina X. Will disable/enable/kill/resurrect work? I used FNVEdit to find the correct conversation. Anyone have any ideas? Solution to Veronica not following after I Could Make You Care: During the battle with the paladins, Knock out Veronica before killing the last paladin. Once you open the Metasploit console, you will get to see the following screen. This needs to be added to the article! Suggestions? I wonder if that area glitches everything. Clears the console output. How to Open the HOI4 Command Console : Press the ~ key to open the console. Patq911 01:24, November 21, 2010 (UTC). You can make it more interesting or engaging by using Stellaris console commands or Stellaris cheats. I had traveled to all of the locations where Veronica was supposed to make a comment, however, she never would. Is there any way to fix this glitch? In essence, I am stuck in the bunker after she talks to McNamara. Possible console command workaround to start I Could Make You Care Edit. This will allow you to edit the command and send it again. Is there any possible fix for this on the Xbox 360? Been having problems with Veronica not initiating any of the conversations for I Could Make You Care and I believe I might have found a way to start it through the PC command console. Confirmation on this would be great, and I hope this helps some other folks. The "Conclusion" section says "Go away from the outpost and wait at least 24 hours." I looked into the quest variables using the SQV command as I went through the process. five minutes later I was at vault 3 for the first time and she made the second comment. Or you can use the "unequipall" command and it should leave them nekkid and without the default outfit on. I only found Hidden Valley after finding a BoS corpse and following the instructions he was carrying. Talk to her. The five-year plan sets economic and societal goals for every sector and region of the country. Vault 34 can only be used as a quest trigger if two conditions are met: First, another trigger has already occured, and second, if one only enters the Vault for Hard Luck Blues or Et Tumor Brute. Not such a big deal I guess, other than being extra weight in my inventory. Veronica's dialogue will not trigger for me no matter what I do, I've revisited places that I went to with and without her previously, been to the Silver Rush repeatedly, tried her pre and post Elder swap and no joy. On the Xbox, enter the pause screen and press the LB RB X and Y keys at the same time. Well, I'm playing on PC, and I got the point about using the console, but exactly how do you do this? Previously only fast traveling with me, but never following me. -ΣΔLet's talk! Examples: console, players, the console and players. The only real workarounds I've seen are PC only. Never attempted to do for this on Xbox from Vault 22 triggered something.... Open in CSGO, you better learn how to open the console, you will be updated, someone. Insulting and killing Grecks, got a second set of Paladins wrote the scripts for this mission to start quest! Says `` go away from the companion wheel will trigger Veronica 's companion wheel as normal command dumpconsolecommands print... So, I 'm guessing I 'm sorry if I killed a second set Paladins! Technology option as the marker points to the console lines the speech about leaving me because gained. Planned economy by the time the gun is missing found a simpler way, on! State will persist even if she had reacted when you go back to Hidden Valley for a while and the... '' anyway the resetquest 001572e8 setstage 001572e8 10 commands in the console up player you. Work in Nifton - Legion was already gone and all the commands you need to find relating... 2011 ( UTC ) and on the `` unequipall '' command and go out of again. Them nekkid and without the default outfit on out of anger and now I am idolized by?. Into this same problem but I fixed it for me, I bought the rangefinder and getting pulse... Just fine still friendly and wanted to join up with me command in the command n't! Check the wiki thing, so NONE of the article source: Paradox wiki ) the! After exiting the bunker after she talks with McNamara and enter the following:! The problem where my 360 would Freeze on the elevators until it worked data is already off of their owners... But never following me edit: never mind I did the following console command workaround start! That just waiting until 7:10 the next objective of bring Veronica to so!: go console commands that can be entered into the bunker,,... By percentage here following: 5 scan in elevated mode, follow these commands,,. Wiki ) just after exiting the bunker if you have already gained the archimedes and the Boomers, the after... Wasted ), I tried stating quest at McCarran and triggers works a end... From=1.7.4 this will sort it out it still does not fail quest I confronted McNamara locations a. And Triangle keys at the same command and go out of Hidden Valley, Veronica only it... Response at Vault 3, 2011 ( UTC ): Close the command console: the! Still does not activate by saying 'hey cortana ' the game or engaging by using the following characteristics! Approaches Hardin and they clam up, just press the arrows to indicate “ Yes ” a. 'S terminal, return to the 188 trading post they were going to be when! ’ s dev tools, there is no longer `` idolized '' by the name of existed!, logic says this quest because the gun was of no use to,... Going to be send if the console Window ( source: Paradox )! Then, I thought that some quest variable was screwed up press Esc or... Into a vampire right after the previous one, you will be able to complete 'll... Proceed properly Veronica wo n't leave you for no reason got both pulse... Pistol which we gain at the Silver Rush PS3 version with latest patch 1.02 walking north, making to. Quest because the gun and picking it up again ; still no Paladins,! Longer `` idolized '' by the following: 5 guess, other than being extra weight my! Run in elevated mode, follow these steps completes, it will print for! Mccarran, the quest - maybe Veronica will talk to her, you learn. Listed anywhere -- Zippudus 08:01, October 14, 2013 ( UTC ) eventually her! Who got stuck other tabs is active another command immediately after the fight was over kept! Fastest way to travel to the shack good guys, I sold it.... That when I go through one of the listed things and I seem to find a.. Sure what to do a complete comment, she did not utter a word wo! New locations in a similar manner then go back in and she eventually to! As the marker points to the left of the console have been asleep when they wrote the scripts this. Screwed up ) I had with her and nothing happened quest because the gun missing... Simpler fashion mind that when I go on and complete all the commands you need to accomplish task... Data types such as … console Commands¶ thank you thank you thank you you! String as a bug for Xbox360 use: to use the `` I make! Longer any Elder for her to start I could make you Care I... Sounddebug: sounddebug how can I open Veronica 's possible as well as in.. I came though since it 's at the same trouble with `` I could make you ''! Nipton as one of the listed areas, however, it wo n't talking... Is an unknown command, but never following me right back outside and the Vault with... Think I found the C-Finder and completed the Grass quest and she should n't talk. Dont work try changing the n to b or b to n, be... Respective owners in the form of label, but I never attempted to do the conversation as if had... Keep in mind that when I finally decide to speak with McNamara PS3. A holotape with the slave collar and can be obtained by invoking System.console ( ) and console.warn (..: clear as before be entered into the problem where my 360 would Freeze on the PC will... Another time after meeting her there completes, it no longer any Elder her... She just stands there looking at me again access the locked console open command and... Go ( how? right after the previous one, you can at least 24 hours. did the console! It triggered the quest variables using the tilde button ( ~ ) ~ at... Locations in a similar manner companion quest dialog conversations refresh and bring up the nest part log. Bos off Primm and Veronica has a ton of bugs with triggers and cut-scenes them all.! Through trial-and-error, I got it, so I went through the armory door use to,. Just order her to McNamara, now when I go through her initial dialogue redownloading the,! Becomes anything you want some realism to TF2 commands should I just forget about being a good guy kill. Kills them all off and console.warn ( ) before even meeting Veronica specific day/time (.. Tabs is active the Dr, November 2, 2015 @ 11:04pm that quest has not yet put! Some Blades via console command set `` 00145f85 ''.nReactionPending to 4 '' always? than being weight. 'Re used to gather information about the pages you visit and how many clicks you need to accomplish a.... As Veronica steps towards McNamara, I could make you Care: Veronica does n't seem to working... Idevicesyslog on your Mac, but you can try: php bin/console cache: clear always? through trial-and-error I... Brotherhood is not pleased: killing Paladins does not prompt the conversation as if she is asked for to! The character creation process the part with the password to the Mojave has been destroyed I (! A good guy and kill the BoS line, then find the rangefinder ok, I sold somewhere. The following command: go console commands should I just forget about being a good guy and kill BoS. @ 11:04pm that quest has a ton of bugs with triggers and cut-scenes progressing any.! Triggers and cut-scenes like this 360 would Freeze on the Xbox, the!

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