I am looking for something smaller in size to conceal carry and love 1911's. I'd like to add a 9mm 1911 to my collection. However, some magazines for 9mm 1911 pistols can bring that up to 10 rounds, giving the person carrying up to 11 rounds. Since i don't have a SA in 9mm, will a standard 1911 for a .45 ACP bushing fit or … It may shoot OK but I picked the kimber over it. The Kimber Custom Aegis II was noticeably lighter than our other test pistols, weighing about 10 ounces less. What I love about them is the safety and the single action trigger. I want to buy 1911 in 9mm, but can't decide which one to get Kimber or Springfield. It is priced same as Kimber's custom stainless 9mm. I shoot a STI Target Master 1911 in 9MM (made in Texas) and love it but it might be a little more expensive than what you are looking for. the both companies has a good reputation on 1911 pistols, but who's on the top? (4) STI Trojan 5.0 9mm I've read … I also have a series 80 Colt Government Model, a Colt Commander, an SA GI and an SA Ultra Compact. I am looking to add my first 1911 to my M&P9c and my PM9. BUT I keep reading great things about the Springfield. I am in CA and only two models is CA roster list( Kimber Target II SS, SP 1911 9mm PI934L), the price almost the same. Based on what I've read about the Kimber vs the Springfield 9mm, I have decided on the Springfield 1911 A1 loaded 9mm. Back then, every springfield 9mm I held rattled (5-7 pistols). That is because the Springfield and STI models are essentially 1911 45s rebarreled to chamber 9mm. You can slap all of the snake scale checkering possible on the gun, spray it with a bake on finish that I can apply myself for $30 and charge me an extra couple hundred for the privilege, but you're still putting lipstick on a pig. I got a great deal on mine. There are several advantages of a 1911 9mm, first and foremost being the additional capacity. My Kimber is not my favorite but definitely is the most accurate of all of them. Advantages Of A 1911 9mm. I really like the 9mm because that is what I am familar with, and the ammo is less expensive. If I were to pick between the two now, I would still pick the kimber. Hi, I am new in this forum and need some advise. Whereas many Kimber pistols offer more than one chambering, the Aegis pistols were chambered solely for 9mm ammunition. The Springfield EMP4 is the ONLY 9mm 1911 which was designed, engineered, and built with ALL newly speced and manufactured parts, designed specifically for the 9mm caliber. ALL other 9mm 1911's use off the shelf components from that builders 45 line, and that IS a compromise! Kimber had extraction issues but was fixed with some simple DIY on the extractor hook. 116 Posts . Hello, I am new to this forum. Both are very accurate, dependable 1911s. I think a nice 1911 9MM to look at would be the STI Trojan. I'm looking at the following 4 pistols: (1) SW1911 Pro Series (2) Sig 1911 Traditional Match Elite (3) Springfield Armory 1911 LOADED 9MM (or maybe the Range Officer?) Kimber vs Springfield I have one Kimber, a Custom (pre series II), My son has a Series II Kimber Custom. Kimber makes a pretty gun and that's where they focus their attention. However, the Springfield is harder to find or get. I decided against the STI since my favorite dealer sells both Kimber and Springfield and he has been good to me. A friend of mine purchased a Springfield Range Officer in 9MM last year and he has been well pleased with it. I am trrying to decide between a 45 ACP and a 9mm. My husband and I already own a Kimber Pro Carry II 9mm. Specifically, a DW 9mm Guardian and a full size Springfield (or maybe a Kimber). Kimber or springfield 1911 9mm --- I got a kimber 7-8 years ago. I love the gun and am pretty accurate with it, so I feel I would like the UC II. Granted, the single-stack magazine means that you get an additional 2 rounds in most magazines, so up to 9+1.

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